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Dillons is a grocery supermarket chain based in Hutchinson, Kansas, and is a division of Kroger. Other banners under Dillon Stores Division include Gerbes in Missouri, Baker's in Omaha, Nebraska, and a Food 4 Less store in Fremont, Nebraska. Dillons operates grocery stores throughout Kansas with major influences in and around Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence.

Ms. Beyond W. shared her opinion about Dillons on Yelp in December 2018:

"I have been a loyal customer to this store for years but two experiences I have witnessed in a three-day timeframe have made me come to the decision I will be taking my business elsewhere. I witnessed two managers speaking badly about an employee in front of me as well as when she walked away. A very young sacker at that and also to another sacker that was mentally challenged. I also witnessed a Hispanic night shift security guard talking down to a black woman after he thought she stole something. He never apologized to her either. It is apparent there needs to be an ethics training across the board and I will not give you my hard-earned money anymore and it will be a loss because I am a Spending customer. I have also noticed the hot food served at the cafe looks terrible, old, unclean and the area is in a mess. Upper management needs to come in and get this store together. I am appalled that I witnessed all of this foolishness during the holiday season."


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Former Employee - Barista At Starbucks Kiosk says

"Everything else, including management, corporate."

Former Employee - Deli Clerk says

"Filthy, unsafe, doesn't care about you."

Former Employee - Clerk says

"Management and corporate culture are bottom of the barrel. If your lack of ambition and/or ability cause you to work here more than a short time, be advised that your coworkers and management will be just like you."

Current Employee - DSD Receiver says

"Have to work holidays, don't care about personal life made to work 40+ hours a week, turnover is terrible, over stressed, over worked not to mention I've had 6 store managers in a 7 year work frame"

Former Employee - Cashier, Customer Service, Sales Associate says

"Management has no idea what is going on, and don't want to, nor want to do any work."

Former Employee - Courtesy Clerk/Bagger says

"Low pay for the labor, all weather conditions required, never got trained, managers unprofessional"

Current Employee - Floral Clerk says

"I have no hours to speak of 10 hours does nothing for anyone."

Current Employee - Courtesy Clerk says

"Bad pay bad management bad company"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"The managers don't let you drink water, let alone go to the bathroom, and then they expect us to be nice to everyone, where as we are dehydrated and have incredible bladder pain. Never again."

Former Employee - Certified Pharmacy Technician says

"No way to earn a decent paycheck, no opportunity for full time positions or decent hours, getting swapped around all town to different stores while the favorites were given the good shifts."

Front End/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work if you want to be treated like a human. Your work is not appreciated at all. They do not pay well. No breaks other than legal lunch breaks. The environment is so toxic.NoneThey treat you like garbage"

Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"imagine your whole livong room is flooding. To the point where the front door is opening and yoh are using a dustpan to literally shovel water out. You try to call in and say that you have an emeegency at home and need to take care of it. You are still told to show up for work. I am turning in my 2 weeks notice as of today. None.Yes"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Customers treat you like garbage, management does the same. I've had multiple thoughts of suicide because its the only way I probably will have 2 days off together. Favoritism, management doesnt care about you, you cap out and wont be able to make more no matter how long you worked for the company"

Scanning Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The company as a whole has favorites they do not promote within like they say. They seem to only promote friends. Or relatives or so and so's daughter. So once his granddaughter. Never promote to the appropriate people from within."

Front End Courtesy Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a courtesy clerk in the front end and the assistant department lead was very rude and would talk distastefully behind your back. Department lead was friendly but would let the assistant boss and trash talk everyone rather than stopping it. The only people I felt that actually cared about you as a person was the evening supervisors."

Overnight Stocker (Former Employee) says

"This is for the store on Urish Rd. I worked there for over 2 years. Worst workplace ever. The people here are all about favoritism. Few must do the work of many. The lazy, prejudiced, and hateful people in this store will team up against you if you work hard and make them look bad. You will end up being expected to do all the work while the lazy butt kissers do next to nothing. Management doesn't care because they don't want to do any actual work either. Health code and safety violations are off the charts in this store. I worked there and wouldn't buy meat or dairy there because of these health violations. I'm surprised more people haven't gotten sick from the products in this store. Freezer items would get stored for more than 4 hours in a cooler. The dairy cooler door was always being left open and the cooler was consistently over 45 degrees F. I have photographic and video evidence of the conditions of this place if anyone wants to see what it's really like to work for this company.None. Pay is bad, co-workers are two-faced and lazy, management doesn't care.Bad pay, bad people, worthless management, slave treatment, disgusting place, always under staffed, no one cares."

General clerk (Former Employee) says

"There is not enough people that know how to do their job so some of us that have to go behind people and fix what they messed up or faced wrong. And working for them is just like any job you get there do your job and leave after you are done because if you don't then"

North Main St Newton KS - Cashier, Carry (Former Employee) says

"Dillon is terrible. They don’t care about their employees they are just money hungry. I worked there for three years and got a fifty cent raise once. They hired a girl that had two months worth of experience and her starting salary was 10.50. I asked for a raise and they said no. So I told them I would quit and they said “it’s ok your replaceable”."

Meat & seafood market manager (Former Employee) says

"If you like being treated like a criminal, and getting paid like garbage, this is your place. Store level management is poor, upper level management is the worst. If you work there too long and top out at your pay rate, YOU WILL BE FIRED."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"I did the salad bar in produce, we were always running out of things, the salad bar had holes that were empty..... I expressed the desire to work more hours and was denied... not a good job for me at all"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management is all about favoritism. You will not get enough hours to get insurance. Management and dept heads micro manage everything. Management will talk about you to other employees and all dept heads. Anything you say or do is spread around the store. Good luck with HR they will always side with dillons. You have nobody to turn to for advice. You can't contact corporate so nothing ever gets resolved."

OVERNIGHT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Express HR is a joke with the company... can’t even get a second chance myself to go back and work as just a part timer but have other useless employees that shouldn’t even have a job anymore still working there.. it’s a joke tbh..."

Front End Cashier (Current Employee) says

"I get to work and I get ready for the day . I put a smoke on my face and greet people all day long I like having conversations with the costumers because it's who I am .I love working there ...it was a great experience . Made lots of friends there. Learned alot tooFriendly peopleUnfriendly people"

Courtesy Clerk (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance Dillons wants to be your life and your working for very little pay so the vacation time provided after a couple years you can’t even afford to take because your working your butt off just to try and get ahead and they nickel and dime your raises just to make you think your going to eventually get paid a decent wage but no they only end up giving you a $.75 which doesn’t help at all and corporate just doesn’t listen to their employees not even on the employee survey they have you take once a yearEmployee 10% discount on kroger only productsBad pay bad management bad company in general"

Head meat cutter (Former Employee) says

"The store closed and we were not told about it..I cant say any more with out getting rood.They were mean to all the help if you wasent part of the uppady click.I had a job.It was a bad place to work"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Only positive thing was employees I worked with and supervisors that spent time with us in the front. Customer service employees all were great to work too and have actual respect for each other that you wouldn't find with the management. Hope things have improved now and the unprofessional rude employee that has no business being in charge of anything is gone.NoneManagment"

Grocery Clerk/Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Forget having a work/life balance. Overworked, understaffed. Kept getting told goodluck trying to find someone to cover shifts that were marked at not available months ahead."

Curtesy Clerk (Former Employee) says

"You where always being yelled at. You where always scared about your mangers would fire you for no reason. The mangers only cared about them self's and where rude at all times.discontsrude manegment"

Meat Cutter (Former Employee) says

"dillons was a terrible place to work. the management team treated all employees terribly and never did anything to make the job easier. all staffs were stressed all the time and managers would consistently step down from their positionit was a job in my town and did not have to commuteshort breaks, terrible managers, and always lacking help"

Department Manager/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company runs on BS and backstabbing. If you cannot be directed into a salaried position where you will be required to work 60, 70 or more hours per week at every major holiday or sales event with no overtime pay, you will be driven out of the company. Each new contract Kroger negotiates reduces all levels of benefits and wage tiers, and Kroger will actively drive out higher cost employees to replace them with new hires. This company is fighting for its life against Walmart and Amazon and has no ethical qualms about losing good employees if they can be replaced at lower cost.NoneEthically and Morally Bankrupt"

Frank Gennaro says

"1 star is one to many. The bus service is awful. When they do show up, they are usually late. There can be as many as 30 people standing and waiting for over 30 minutes past the scheduled arrival time. If you have other commuting options, take them instead. Just awful"

Eleanor Reyes-cabalbag says

"3-19-2020 To the leadership of coach suburban NJ Today I took a bus from tower center due to social distancing had tags on chair which is fine due to e pandemic. However eight seats behind the driver had it while the passengers are in the back with seat tags for social distancing. Why? Another thing On 3-18-2020 5:10pm A passenger from 42st and 1st Avenue asked if the the heat can be lowered and the driver totally ignored her. On 3-17-2020 A passenger ask if the heat can be lowered passenger was told to go in the back. There were no reason that was given why the heat was up."

Sam says

"They’re a horrible bus line. I had to wait over 60 minutes for a bus 24 or 44 to be specific. Then when I attempted to reach out to their customer service line. It was almost impossible to get someone that could help answer your questions. I was tossed from one number to the next. However, when I finally got a number that would provide some information they were not that useful or helpful. I informed the dispatcher how long I had to wait for a bus to arrive. His only reply was that one was on it’s a in a few minutes. I then asked why were they late? His reply was there was a lot of traffic. They are truly disgraceful."

LoRig says

"Staff at the ticket windows are awful and don't care about the customer. And the buses are always late. Its unclear whether the line for tickets is for each window or one line feeding all of them. Customers on the single line are always confused and frustrated by people who "cut" the line. It is up to the staff to provide clarity and they just sit there, smug. Almost like they enjoy watching people get frustrated. It's a horrible experience. I pray another bus company starts up! I will take them over coach any day."

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